Thank you, Sinead O’Connor

I first became a fan of Sinead O’Connor when she released her rendition of Prince’s “Nothing Compares 2 U” in 1990. I was 13 then. Sinead’s bald head shocked many, but I have vivid memories of watching her videos on MTV (back when it played videos), and being struck by how gorgeous she was. It’s the first time I realized that some women can be beautiful bald.

Not that I supposed that I was a candidate. Over the years, I joked about shaving my head because I was frustrated with my fine hair that was so finicky, but never did it become a consideration until the “diagnosis.”

For me, I cope best when I expect the worst and hope for the best. Therefore, I began doing research as soon as we found the lump. Once I received the preliminary diagnosis, I knew I would receive Chemo — which probably meant hair loss — so I began to research that. I had determined even before I knew that it was Triple Negative Breast Cancer (for which the chemo drugs are so strong that hair loss begins between 7-21 days after the first treatment) that I would shave my head as soon as I noticed any hair loss.

This was my decision based on my personality. I won’t go into the reasons why I chose this course, because there is no “wrong” decision. This just worked for me. So before Chemo began, my mom and I shopped for hats online; and thanks in large part to Market giveaways (when we shop for the shop) and my Aunt, I actually have a rather nice selection of scarves.

Yesterday, as I washed my hair (and because it was day 15, which is right around when the hair begins falling out), I decided that Tuesday, December 1 was the day I would shear myself (you know, like sheep). I have the BEST hairdresser in the world, and she allowed me to come to her house instead of the salon to take the milestone step. Here we are before:

FullSizeRender (1)

As you can see, we are both very excited about this. Because, as my Aunt helped me realize, going bald is an outward sign to everyone that I am kicking this cancer’s butt!

Being the awesome stylist, Breast Cancer Advocate, and volunteer that she is, she stopped numerous times to capture the progress. But I won’t bore you with the step-by-step. All I will say is that we (hubs, kid, stylist, and especially me) were stunned by the result:


The kid deemed me “beautiful and gorgeous” and pointed out that I look like Pink the singer. That was all the praise I needed, as I was most worried about how he would react. Hubs said I never have to grow my hair out again, and when the hair comes back, he wants me to try a pixie cut! The general consensus has been that I can rock it just like this, and I actually agree … but my head and ears get cold, so scarves and hats will still probably be part of my regular wardrobe.

The response just from texts and on Facebook and Instagram have been so empowering, so I genuinely and sincerely and from the bottom of my heart thank all of you for the outpouring of support.

In other news, some of my readers will be happy to know that alcohol no longer makes me want to run, and that I have actually been able to libate a few times. Yay for normalcy 🙂

Also for my regular I-have-cancer-so-let’s-milk-it post: If anyone knows how I can request VIP passes to The Cure concert in Atlanta (June 2016), please let me know. 😉



2 thoughts on “Thank you, Sinead O’Connor

  1. You are perfect and beautiful just the way you are. Like Sinead (who I’ve always loved also), you definitely ROCK the bald head!


  2. Bless your heart! Allegra. What an inspiration you are to all of us – fighting whatever it is we are battling. BTW, my friends @ NGOME have some fabulous African waxcloth headwraps that I’ve been trying to get them to bring over to the Keyserling Center – Everyone looks so gorgeous wearing them (or not) & there are infinite ways of wrapping them. I’m sure Donellia Chives 678-744-5590 would be happy to give you a demonstration/consultation. Her shop is inside ARTworks – please tell her Nana Barbara sent you.

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