Beauty Post 2

I wanted to give a shout out to Joyce over at Shadow Sketch. She is another inspiration to me as far as beauty-blogging goes. She is an extremely talented makeup artist and Younique presenter. She has taught me a few things about makeup application recently. So thank you, Joyce, for being an inspiration to me as well.

Bear with me, this was my first collage attempt … but here is a step-by-step from my outfit inspiration to completion of my look today. Untitled

Please let me know if you follow this … If not I will try a new approach tomorrow. Anyway, here is the final look:


Sorry, not actually the greatest pic, but you get the idea. I added the scarf because they left my cath in yesterday after chemo, since I came back today for fluids before my Neulasta shot. It isn’t the prettiest thing to look at, so I grabbed the scarf to finish the look. By the way, it was 70 degrees today, so I may have been a little overdressed.

That’s all for today, beauty wise … I’ll post a brief daily blog next.



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