My First Connection

This morning I got to spend at the shop, and I must say that after a week being stuck in the house, I was thrilled to be out among the living. It helped that I was busy from the time of arrival to the time of my departure.

If you saw my beauty post, you saw my look today. I must say, I think I was awfully cute. However, it is becoming quite obvious to onlookers that I likely have the “C” word. Especially when it is 70 degrees out, and I’m wearing a knit hat and a scarf.

I’m OK with it though, and handled with grace, the inquiry I got from an acquaintance: “Is everything OK with you?” accompanied by a glance at my appearance and a look of concern. I quickly explained my “story” and reassured her that I’m really in excellent spirits and faring well during treatment.

Before I even knew it, it was time to head off to get my fluids and receive my Neulasta shot. I received numerous compliments on my hat (by the way, you can visit my friend over here at SuZQ Knits if you are interested in Chemo Caps for yourself or a loved one. Here are the ones she sent me:


They are extremely comfortable, and I have gotten compliments on each one I’ve worn.

Anyway, the other cool thing that happened while I was there is that I actually got to meet one of the other patients and her husband. I was relieved at how nice they were and how positive they were, even though she has been sick for several years now.

I hope to continue to get to know more patients as I continue my time there. I think that’s all for tonight.

Sweet dreams!



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