Beauty Post: Staying Power

My sister rocks. For many reasons — I will not list them all here — but I will share a few. Time for a list (in no particular order of awesomeness!

  • She loves me so much that in the last eight weeks, she has been here with me twice to go to my Chemo.
  • She also loves me so much that she will come right after my surgery to take care of me.
  • She buys me things from Ulta and brings them to me. This is especially awesome because our closest Ulta is like 30 minutes away, and I don’t like driving there.
  • She lets me eat whatever I want — and occasionally procures it for me — and doesn’t judge me.
  • Her husband is a kick-butt bartender. Technically that’s why he is awesome, but she picked him, so …
  • I keep a note that she wrote me like a year ago in my planner, because it is one of the sweetest things she’s ever written to me. I showed it to her today, and she cried. Finally someone who cries more than me!
  • Ok, I did save the best for last. She does this all while coping with Multiple Sclerosis. The poor thing gets sick practically every time she flies, but she is still willing to come see me. MS makes her tired, but she’s still coming to see me.
  • Wait! I thought of one more. She comes in the room with me before Chemo when I have to have my port accessed and blood drawn even though she really hates needles.

I could go on, but I will save it for some gigantic card or something that I will write her when all this is over. Plus, this is supposed to be a Beauty Post. I promise she’s related to it because the post is about the two presents she brought me this visit:

The first one is this is Stay Don’t Stray by Benefit. This is for eyes. Three dots on the eyelid and three underneath the eye. Today wasn’t my best eyeshadow day, but boy did it stay put.

My sister has good taste. This product works amazingly. Sis is a loyal Ulta customer, so I am also linking the product so you can buy it there. Look how amazingly my concealer has stayed on! And this is with allergy eyes that are watering constantly! (By the way, I forgot to share on the other post that my stuffiness and what I thought was a cold is far more likely allergies. My NP suggested some different OTC allergy meds).

I will try to post another pic when I have a better eyeshadow day (my eyes were swollen this morning). All shadows I used were from Bare Minerals (I’m not naming or linking them because they are older, and I don’t think they are carried anymore), which normally don’t have great pigmentation. With the base of the Stay Don’t Stray, the pigmentation was much better! And it stayed all day. This makes me more likely to purchase eyeshadow from Bare Minerals in the future. Note: I have only used single colors in pots, not any pressed eyeshadows.

The second product is called Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. Sis also purchased it at Ulta. The picture was taken tonight (again). Keep in mind that I have blown my nose at least a dozen times today:

Wow. Just wow! Look at how well my makeup stayed on! Before applying the product, shake well. Then, while holding it 8-10 inches from your face spray once or twice in an X motion (close your eyes first) and once or twice in a T motion. It dries and sets quickly. Less makeup comes off (at least from what I see on a tissue), and I am able to go for 12 hours (probably more) with great-looking makeup.

I am fortunate to be able to try these two products, as they were gifted to me, but if you are a regular makeup wearer, I suggest considering. The Stay Don’t Stray helps lighter-pigmented shadows pop.I used yesterday with an e.l.f eyeshadow duo and the shadows went from barely there to gorgeous! So you could rationalize that the more expensive base allows you to experiment with less expensive shadows. Just saying’. Plus the way it holds my concealer on, even with allergy-eyes makes it very likely I will use again.

As a girl with allergy issues, I would also recommend the Urban Decay Setting Spray. So little is used with each application, and it keeps makeup on better than a makeup base. Nor more red nose by the end of the day! If you’re not sure, I’d weigh your needs against the cost. If you’re not a huge makeup wearer, duh, it’s not for you. But if you enjoy wearing makeup and find that blowing your nose, or wiping your mouth tends to remove bits of your makeup, this may be worth the investment.

That’s all for tonight, kids. Thanks for being willing to see picture after picture of a bald me and for reading.



5 thoughts on “Beauty Post: Staying Power

  1. Sis here. The two products I gifted you will not break your bank! They are very reasonably priced. I think the retain together we’re around $45. Worth it in my book.

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  2. Allegra, Your whole family rocks! Who thinks up the names of these beauty products? I like all of the cool IT verbiage that’s been coined
    – but urban/dystopian make-up tags….

    FYI, I spent 2 weeks in FL last year caring for my friend after the same procedure – so please let me know if you need an extra pair of hands or rides anywhere. & also don’t be surprised if when your hair grows back if you get curls. I know several women that have had that good fortune. Anyway, all the best. Know you are in my prayers & thoughts & will be awaiting your next post-op post?

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  3. I am now a proud owner of the Urban Decay Makeup Setting Spray. Ulta was out of the eye shadow primer you mentioned, but they recommended Benefit Air Patrol to me and I just love it. Thanks for the recommendations – I can’t believe how long-lasting my make-up is now!

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