Dress Up for Yourself!

Last night, I mentioned that one of the passions I’ve found, since being diagnosed with cancer, is to put together great outfits — from the makeup to the hat to the accessories. This morning, I’ve been up since about 6:00 (yay, steroids), so I was able to drink my coffee in bed while I got through all of my spiritual goals, use a great little essential oil blend (I’ll share in another post) I made up to help me concentrate, and get ready for the day properly.

Typically, if I am home for the day, I don’t worry too much about what I put on. Heck, I may not even shower, and I usually don’t apply makeup. Today, I am spending the majority of my day at home, but I do have to run some errands … still not always enough for me to put forth too much effort.

But today, with the abundant energy I am feeling, I decided, “What the heck?!” Let’s dress up for me! I got a shower and used my Clarisonic.

In fact, I need to sing the Clarisonic’s praises, as I assured you I would. You’ve heard me lament about the dry skin that can accompany Chemo. Plus, for some reason, one of the effects of Chemo is that my nose runs constantly. It drips. It is the bane of my existence at the moment. Since I’m always wiping my nose, my nose and upper lip are typically horribly dry, with the dead skin slowly peeling off (sorry for the details).

Here enters the Clarisonic. I use it in the morning, on the simple setting that guides me: 20 seconds for the forehead; 20 seconds for the nose, lip, and chin area; and 10 seconds for each cheek. The result: amazingly soft skin, with zero dry patches. The results for me were instantaneous, and have improved with each use. I’m noticing smaller pores on my chin and nose. Less blemishes. And lovely, smooth skin.

Anyway, back to my morning. My mom took me shopping yesterday (thanks, Mom), and I got some new tops. The one I’m wearing today is a great turquoise color which matches my Coastal Scents SocialEYES palette. So, I chose the turquoise and silvery-grey colors for the shadows, and the black color to line the eyes.

Then I finished my outfit — pretty casual actually, but still cute, donned my hat, and headed downstairs to work.

Who says You can't dress up to work from Home?

It feels good to be ready for anything that comes my way today. A lot better than Monday when I ended up pumping gas in my pajamas on my way to pick my son up from school.

Even if you don’t work from home in the secular sense, doesn’t it feel good when you’re dressed and made up, even if its to clean out your kid’s clothes or work on making his costume for a school project? (Also on my to-dos today).

Tell me, do you get dressed up every day? Does it make you feel better? More productive? Happier? Let me know in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Dress Up for Yourself!

  1. I have to admit that I don’t do this. I’ve never left the house in pjs but I frequently go out without makeup on or contacts in. Last night I made a date night for my husband without even donning lipstick!


    1. I think it depends on what you’re doing during the day. Cleaning, cooking, and things like that don’t necessarily play well with dressing up 🙂 For me, though, on days I can muster it, it really improves my mood.


    2. Yes it does make a difference in feeling better when we get dressed up for ourselves, improves our confidence and makes us ready for unexpected things that come our way:) I did this while in California and I was surprised Jeff noticed and liked it!:) still in my Pjs some days if both kids at home for a day off:) but does feel good to be dressed, made up and ready for what comes our way:)


  2. Since I work from home, I found that many days, 5 p.m. would roll around and I’d still be in my PJs. I made it a goal to get up and get dressed, including putting on shoes, before I started working. It did make a difference!

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  3. I worked at home for a while and yes after some time I would start to dress up cause I realized how gross and sloppy I have been feeling. Even now as I work at a hotel, I love to get dress up it does help me feel positive and happy! But makeup is my passion so it always makes me happy! Good luck with your battle, I am glad you are able to share your story with us!

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