Last Chemo


Yesterday was my last chemo. We celebrated big time. With boob cupcakes and Wonder Woman attire. With my Batman by my side. And some of the most important people in my life in my corner.

I was greeted at the front desk with a special delivery from my kindred spirit, J. Her card made me choke up. Once I got hooked up, I handed out gifts to my amazing chemo nurses. They kept saying that I didn’t need to give them anything. My response, voice cracking, “You kinda helped save my life, so yeah I do.” I didn’t realize how emotional I would feel.

Once I finished up, the family and friends arrived so we could celebrate properly — with cupcakes decorated like boobs and Prosecco. We posed with the cupcakes and laughed with my nursing staff and my Oncology Nurse Practitioner. My Oncologist stopped in (he loved my Wonder Woman costume).

It was a great day. But it was more emotional than I thought it would be. While I will still see my social worker and Oncologist and Oncology Nurse Practitioner pretty regularly, I won’t see the amazing chemo nursing staff as much. These women took the scariest time in my life and made me feel safe. They made me laugh. They tolerated me as I rambled on weekly in a steroid-induced frenzy. They listened to my stories, and patiently answered my random questions. They made me feel brave by asking me to talk to a new chemo patient. They complimented my makeup and fashion hits (and probably some misses too). Several times they stayed and let me talk or joke with them when I’m sure they were ready to go home. They were educators, caregivers, therapists, and they became my friends. I will miss them. I am already coming up with “reasons” to visit.

Chemo has been an interesting road. The last five months have been filled with fatigue, random food cravings and aversions, some of the worst heartburn and indigestion I’ve ever faced, sleepless nights, steroid-mania, and increasing forgetfulness and inability to pay attention. But overall, I came through it mostly unscathed (shingles and cellulitis aside). My youngish and mostly healthy body withstood chemo with tremendous strength. I’m proud of this chubby body that absorbed this medicine without vomiting, high fevers, or illnesses.

I look forward to a few weeks of feeling less fatigued. But I am ready for the next phase of this journey. I hope to get my surgery scheduled next week when I meet with my surgeons. I’d like for it to be scheduled for the last week of this month, but we will see. In the meantime, I hope to enjoy the next few weeks being chemo free!

Thanks for reading, and being patient as the frequency of my posts has slowed. I appreciate all the comments, likes, and follows. Thank you for sharing this journey with me.