Once Upon a Time

Once upon a time there was a little girl who loved life. She loved her mama and daddy and her big sister and spent lovely days with them (even though she got on her sister’s nerves). She was a bit of a follower, and let her friends take the lead, but she was a happy girl.

Her innocence was taken from her early on, but she lived on with her family, contented among them. As she got older, darker thoughts filled her mind — doubt, guilt, self-hatred — but on the outside she clung on to kindness and happiness and her always steady family.

She met a man she loved and married him. They had a baby whom she loved more than she ever thought was possible.

In deepest, darkest days, she still saw good in people. Some called her naive — and they were right — but she always felt it was better to see the best and get disappointed than to immediately see the worst.

Chronic illness ravaged her; depression ravaged her; and one day cancer did, too. But she stood up and looked for the good — like she always had — and got through it all one day at a time.

She still does that, to this day.



2 thoughts on “Once Upon a Time

  1. Just remember all this is temporary. We have the real life to look forward too. In the meantime just keep on going. Doing the best you can. Still plenty of good people who love you.


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