Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

I’ve been busy these last weeks … planning for my reconstructive surgery, revamping a section of our shop, generally feeling good about my new meds and how they were making me feel.

Things have really been coming together, and I’ve been feeling somewhat optimistic. Other than some digestive and intestinal issues, life has been feeling pretty great.

Until they weren’t. I went to the ER last Tuesday afternoon with stomach pain. Thinking I was constipated and that it was just gas, you can imagine my surprise when the nurse told me that the doctor was admitting me.

It turned out that my liver enzymes were high, as were some things having to do with my pancreas. I was jaundiced, and was going to have a procedure put a stent into a duct in my liver.

While pathology wasn’t completed before I was released from the hospital, we did know that I had a malignant mass in my pancreas. There was also discussion of lymph nodes being involved.

Yesterday, I met with my oncologist. He walked in and put his arm around me. I leaned my head on his shoulder, and he rested his head on mine. We sat like that for a few moments before he told me my complete diagnosis.

My breast cancer has metastasized and gone to my pancreas, where there is a mass. It has also spread to lymph nodes, but we don’t know how many yet. We also do not know if it has spread to other parts of my body yet. I get my scan done tomorrow, so I should know more by next week. It is considered stage 4.

Chemotherapy is the treatment I will be receiving beginning next week.It is a three week on, one week off schedule. I’m not sure how long it will continue. As of right now, I will be receiving Gemzar. Other chemos may be added depending on where else the cancer is located.

That is all we know as of right now.


17 thoughts on “Life is What Happens to You While You’re Busy Making Other Plans

  1. We all had other plans for you when this train went off the rails. It’s so hard the fathom how quickly things change. Labor Day weekend family getaway capped off by the meeting with your reconstructive team, running to the mountains to escape Irma . . . And then this. You know mom and I are always here for you and are ready to take this journey with you . . . With prayer, with help with the kiddo, with everything we’ve got to help with the fight. Love you to the moon and back.


  2. This is my daughter, my baby. There are no words to describe what these days have been like. She faced the first bout with cancer with much courage, she will face this current battle with courage as well. But she will not be alone. She is surrounded with friends and family who love her desperately. We will be there with her for every step. The prayers that have ascended in her behalf have been non stop and will continue to ascend. We share unshakable faith in our God Jehovah and rest our hope on his promises which will not fail. He has her back. She is edified by her readers’ positive comments and hopes that her words can be a source of encouragement to all who read those words, especially those readers who are facing grave illnesses or difficulties in this life. The fight goes on.


  3. I’m so sorry, Allegra. I had Abraxane with Gemzar for four months. It is very hard and after fighting an infection I was switched to FOLFOX. My scans have been good so the chemo has been working. My prayers and thoughts are with you.


  4. Your blog reached Wayne, PA today and all who read it are filled with hope for you. You are an amazing young woman Allegra, certainly with a talent for writing stories; but this story is about you. With all the detail and emotion, you are still able to bring in humor with the title you chose. This is why you are so amazing. Please know all your brothers and sisters in the Wayne Congregation who know you and your family will keep you all in their prayers as I will.


    1. Pearl:

      I don’t know if you had a chance to read the four previous posts but the 4 in September depict an icredible spirit. If you go all the way back to when she started you’ll learn so much about this wonderful woman. thanks for the encouraging words to her.



  5. Dear Allegra,

    My mom just sent me this link and I wanted to reach out to you as I don’t have your other info. I’m so sorry to hear about your health struggles and reading over some of your blogs I can still hear your sweet voice telling stories of love, pain and this thing we call life:) May you continue to have faith and feel loved and cherished by all in your life. You certainly have a fighting spirit and I hope you can continue to use your energy to kick cancer’s butt! You’re in my thoughts and prayers. XOXO, Amber


    1. My sweet Amber,
      How are you? I was just recently going through old photos of us with the Hatch boys! I miss you and hope you’re doing well. Thank you for your kind and sweet words. I’d love to catch up sometime. Xoxo, Leggy


  6. I love how the doctor put his head on yours. Sounds like you’ve got a good one.
    My heart aches for you.
    I can’t imagine the frustration.
    Love you so very much. Wish you lived closer.
    Anytime you feel like talking, I can call…or faceTime or Skype or whatever!


  7. Dear Allegra, my heart is sad with what you’re going through. Your faith is strong and you have so much help from family and friends, and especially our God Jehovah. You are in our prayers.
    Jon and Joan 😘


  8. I am so sorry to read about this diagnosis. My heart aches for what you have gone through. You are one of the most amazingly strong women God has ever given me the pleasure of knowing. I wish I lived closer…I would love to come sit with you and chat you through your treatments. I will be praying for you…xoxo


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