First Day of Chemo, Leggy Style

We went over the results of the scans this morning. The good news is there is no other organ involvement; however there is significant lymph node involvement, especially in the area around my lungs. The course of action remains the same: Gemzar treatment. I’ll go through about two rounds of treatment and then have scans to check the progress, if any. The primary goal is to get me as pain-free as possible and to slow the progression.

When we did “chemo teaching” last week, I mentioned to my social worker and nurse Oncologist that the name Gemzar makes me think that the chemo is like royal treatment and I’d sweat glitter or dazzle and sparkle or something. I may have suggested that I might dress up in some sparkly get up. However being as hopped up as I am right now I failed to follow through on my glitter outfit.

Alas, my social worker did NOT forget. She brought me a tiara, rings, a scepter and decorated my chemo bag with gems. Oh and a princess mask. Fortunately we got pictures!


Overall, the chemo went well. No nausea. No extreme fatigue. So far this afternoon I’m holding together pretty well. We will see how I feel tomorrow.

Yesterday’s post was a long time coming together. I spent the entire day trying to write it, but I kept falling asleep. At one point I woke up to “fffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff” on the screen. But I am trying to write as I feel motivated. Even if it takes me all day.

Love to you all. If there are any questions you have about cancer, side effects, prognosis, symptoms, or anything else, please ask me. I love to be given a task. You can ask me in the comments here.

Love you all!



8 thoughts on “First Day of Chemo, Leggy Style

  1. Thank you for the updates! And the pictures. It’s so hard to be so far away from my little sister at times like this. And I promise that I will make you shimmer and shine like the princess we all know you to be!


  2. I had Abraxane and Gemzar. They worked well together. After four rounds I had reduction by 50% in my tumors. Love you and hope you’re doing ok.


  3. I’m glad your social worker came thru, you deserve to be treated like a princess. Love and hugs from Texas to the entire Craig/Hunter families.


  4. I love seeing that smile on your face! So do you mind if I post a blog post about you? Writing is understanding and healing for us! I felt compelled to write about it when I heard your news. Can I put in a link to your blog?
    PS. I think you should have kept the ‘ffffffffffffff’😉


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