The Chemo Aftermath


I got through my first chemo. Fortunately, I didn’t have to deal with the side effect mentioned above (side note: these cards are from the amazingly talented Emily McDowell. She created a line of Empathy cards specifically for cancer patients. Please check her out). In fact, I made out pretty well the first couple days. Tuesday and Wednesday were pretty good, thanks to Steroids in my pre-meds (pre-meds are medications given before the chemo that help to eliminate and/or reduce side effects of the chemo).

Thursday was a different story. I had the flu-like symptoms I was warned I might have. My fever topped out at somewhere 103.4, staying in the high 102s Thursday and most of Friday. By Saturday morning, my fever had broken, and while I was still experiencing chills, sweats, and body aches, I was able to attend a very special meeting via live stream.  I’m hugely relieved about that.

Hopefully this flu-type side effect will improve with each dose of chemo, but for this week, I expect Monday-Wednesday to be pretty good, and then to be down for the count from Thursday through Saturday. Knowing what to expect is more than half the battle. It helps me to schedule chores around the house early in the week with the Steroids kicked in, and then to be able to rest without feeling like I’ve accomplished nothing.

It may seem silly to read that I would be worried about chores or about accomplishing things, but trust me. Chemo makes a patient feel useless enough — she doesn’t need her self-imposed guilt to get out of control. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not steam cleaning my curtains or scrubbing my floors each week, but making sure the bathrooms get cleaned gives me some control over my out-of-control life.

I’d like to give a shout-out to one of my dearest friends — I’ve known her since I was about my son’s age. Our relationship grew out of writing and we now each have a blog. Stop on over at her blog Stand Up and Live Your Life. I am honored to be the subject of her most recent post, and I encourage you to read more.

I don’t know what this week will bring along with it, but if I can find humor in it, it will be shared. Thank you so much for the prayers, cards, flowers, texts, messages, and posts. I read each and every one, even if I don’t respond. I am making every effort to respond to each of you, so please bear with me.



6 thoughts on “The Chemo Aftermath

  1. As somebody who was debilitated for about a year, I do understand the accomplishing chores. I was so proud the first time I changed the sheets by myself. It took about a half an hour, but I did it. And I’ll be there next week to help you with your chores.

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  2. If nothing else being a caregiver the past few years I have learned to accept that some things just don’t get done. And those of you that know me know this was major. Baby steps. Don’t sweat the chores. Spend time with loved ones.

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  3. It was so great that you went to the Annual Meeting Live Stream with about 200 of your local friends. And topped off today with brunch and movie. I was so happy we were together. Even Allen seemed to enjoy Victoria & Abdul. Pretty far from his usual zone but business as usual was good for us all. I love you to the moon and back!

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  4. I’m so happy you got to enjoy the annual meeting! It was so faith strengthening. Thanks for letting me write my perspective and post. When my grandma died we were in Latvia and the only thing I could do was write. It’s a small thing but makes me feel a little less helpless. My love to you and your whole family!


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