Hi there! My name is Allegra. I am a wife, mom, shopgirl, self-advocate, and writer. Throughout my life, I have dealt with a number of health issues (Psoriatic Arthritis, depression, etc), culminating in what what is my biggest fight to date: My fight against TripleIMG_2367-Negative Breast Cancer.

Lively on the Rocks has become place for me to share how through faith, hope, and self-advocacy, I am learning to make the best of difficult situations. As I face this new fight against cancer, I find myself posting how makeup makes me feel beautiful and feminine; what beauty products work for my Chemo skin; how Essential Oils are coming back into play for me to help ease the side effects and symptoms of Cancer and Chemotherapy; and my thoughts on how this journey is changing me for the better.

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One thought on “About

  1. Allegra,

    What can I say…I cried. As the theme of our convention states, “Don’t give up!” You are strong, keep writing down your emotions, it powerful and healing.

    Numbers 6:26 “May Jehovah lift up his face toward you and grant you peace.”

    Joan Pena


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